At BAST we help our clients advance their drug development programs by providing mathematical modelling and data analysis solutions. By supplying fit-for-purpose quantitative consultancy services we enable our clients to make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

The BAST team works transparently with its clients, in line with regulatory guidances and internal quality assurance guidelines, leaving behind an unbroken audit trail.

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By capturing project knowledge in a continuum of quantitative mathematical models, BAST is able to predict the outcomes of the next development steps and support decision making at the various milestones of the pharmaceutical development pipeline. Thereby, we are able to accelerate drug development programs, improve their success rates, and reduce the associated times and costs.

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To help our clients advance their drug development programs we provide mathematical modelling and statistical data analysis solutions. Our services include:

  • Dose Selection
  • Evaluation and Optimization of Clinical Trial Designs
  • Pharmacometric Analyses including Non-Compartmental Analysis and Mixed Effects Population PK-PD Modelling
  • Data Visualization Dashboards and Interactive Apps to Facilitate Decision Making
  • Biostatistical Analyses including Hypothesis Testing, Power and Sample Size Calculations
  • Translational Modelling for First in Man Clinical Trials and Pediatric Drug Development
  • Quantitative Systems Pharmacology and Systems Biology modelling for assessing in-vitro / in-vivo correlations and elucidating disease mechanisms
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining on Large Omics Data
  • Preparation of Reports in Support of Regulatory Submissions



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