Informed decision making for the pharmaceutical industry


At BAST we enable our clients to make informed decisions and mitigate risks by providing state of the art modelling and simulation support. We provide fit for purpose pharmacometrics consultancy services ranging from stand-alone data analyses to long-term strategic project support leading to NDA submissions.

The BAST team works transparently with its clients, in line with regulatory guidances and internal quality assurance guidelines, leaving behind an unbroken audit trail.

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At BAST we support our clients’ drug development decisions by providing state of the art modelling and simulation analysis. The members of BAST are qualified in a wide range of application areas ranging from non-compartmental PK analysis to quantitative system pharmacology models.

The members of the BAST team possess the necessary experience and skills to effectively communicate modelling results to non-technical as well as expert audiences.

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By capturing project knowledge in a continuum of mathematical models, BAST is able to predict the outcome of the next development steps. Thus, our work facilitates decision making and allows our clients to …

  • … select optimal dosing regimens for clinical trials,
  • … select right candidate compounds for clinical development,
  • … identify patients most likely to benefit from new treatment,
  • … design clinical trials with high probability of success,
  • … submit high quality regulatory reports to the authorities,
  • … mitigate risks,
  • … make optimal investment decisions.
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